After over a decade of successfully conducting Mathematics Scholarship Examinations, WISDOM Educational Institute has now started conducting scholarship examinations to cover Science to nurture science talent among students of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th standards. With the ever increasing competitiveness, increased number of qualification exams and the wide area of subjects being brought under these exams, it has become important that we prepare ourselves in a better way.

Science needs clarity of concepts and understanding of phenomenon. Students should be capable of relating things around them with the subject to understand the associated cycles or process involved. WISDOM’s curriculum, the text book and associated exercise aim at cementing these basic principles so that students can easily study and understand more advanced and complex topics they would be studying in the future.

Appearing for the exam will help students understand the cause and effect of things in a scientific manner. They will be able to then study more complex phenomenon which are a part of the educational curriculum with ease. The multiple choice exam structure will ensure that students study to clarify doubts and understand a phenomenon rather than accepting it blindly. Students will develop affection and love for the subject which will reflect on their academic performance.

Each question paper is of 100 marks and is to be solved in 60 minutes. All 100 questions will be objective type carrying1 marks each. Students have to pick the right answer from the four supplied answers to each of these 100 questions by darkening the circle provided on OMR sheet. WEI provides OMR sheet for the same.