Q. Is it necessary to appear through school?
A. No. You can appear privately. Please download the application form. Fill it and send it along with the D.D. of applicable registration fees. You can also order the text books, question paper sets and model answer sets by sending us a letter with requirement details and a DD of the requisite amount.

Q. Why there is a difference between registration fees for students appearing through schools and private students?
A. The students registering through schools get their hall tickets, result, mark sheets, certificates through school. Whereas private students get all these things delivered directly to their correspondence address. To help us cover the correspondence cost, we have to add Rs.50 to the registration fees of private students.

Q. Where can we get the WEI books?
A. You can order the books either through your schools or your tuition class teachers. You can also order the books to be delivered directly to your correspondence address by sending a DD with additional postage of Rs.50/- over and above the cost the set of three books of Rs.260/- making the entire cots Rs.310/- per standard.
( Refer price chart in Study material section for any revisions )

Q. What is the last date of registration?
A. 31st October.( Refer application form for updates )

Q. Can we use spare paper for rough work in the exam hall?
A. No. Spare paper is not allowed though you can use the empty space on the question paper and the space provided on the answer paper for rough work.
Please click here to take a look at the sample answer-sheet.

Q. Are there any other books that can be used for extra practice?
A. It is not necessary to use any other books apart from WEI set of books. The WEI question appear set contains 15 question papers having 40-42 problems each. So, more than 600 problems can be solved using the set. That should provide enough practice for any student.