Nurturing wisdom!

WISDOM Educational Institute (WEI), formerly known as Wisdom Educational Foundation,  an NGO, is active in the educational field with a motto to encourage and nurture mathematical and science talent in the students from 3rd to 8th Standards.

With the ever increasing competitiveness, increased number of qualification exams and the wide area of subjects being brought under these exams, it has become important that we prepare ourselves in a better way.

Many a people find mathematics a tough subject, just because they are not aware of proper technique to solve mathematical problems. Once a proper technique is adapted, mathematics can really be an enjoyable subject.

Similarly the subject of Science needs clarity of concepts and understanding of phenomenon. Students should be capable of relating things around them with the subject to understand the associated cycles or process involved.

To make students learn and master these techniques and concepts, WEI conducts a Scholarship examination for Mathematics as well as Science, in different districts of Maharashtra.

Appearing for these exams helps clear the basic concepts of both subjects, and develops the ability to think faster. The experience of appearing for this type of competitive examination also develops confidence among students, which helps them immensely in their future academic careers.